PyTorch Conference


Join us in San Francisco on September 18th-19th, and learn about PyTorch 2.2, the cutting-edge renowned open-source machine learning framework. This two-day event brings together top-tier researchers, developers, and academic communities, fostering collaboration and advancing end-to-end machine learning.

Join us for deep technical dives, collaborative innovation, staying ahead of the curve, and directly impacting the future of PyTorch. Immerse yourself in high-quality content, connect with a global network of developers, and be at the forefront of the evolving tech landscape. At the PyTorch Foundation Conference, embrace the DNA of the open-source community – connecting, learning, and collaborating on a global scale.

Positioned at the intersection of open-source generative AI and machine learning, the PyTorch Conference exemplifies the core principle that open source drives AI innovation. The Conference brings developers worldwide; it catalyzes meaningful discussions, fosters valuable collaborations, and plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of Pytorch.

Hosted by the PyTorch Foundation, the 2024 conference features leading contributors to the PyTorch open source project, enables community discussions and collaborations, and supports associated projects including the popular poster sessions.

Attend for:

  • Deep Technical Dive: Immerse yourself in hands-on sessions exploring the intricacies of open source AI and ML for actionable knowledge.
  • Collaborative Innovation: Co-create with a global network of developers, gaining insights from diverse coding approaches in the AI realm.
  • Stay Ahead: Gain early access to the latest open source AI tools, frameworks, and best practices to stay at the forefront of tech evolution.
  • Direct Impact: Contribute to pivotal discussions shaping the future of open source AI projects, actively steering the community’s direction.