PyTorch Conference

Convince Your Boss

Want to attend PyTorch Conference 2024, but not sure how to bring it up with your boss? We’ve published a sample letter below to help make the process easier. See you in San Francisco!

Sample Letter

Dear {Name},

I’d like to attend the upcoming PyTorch Conference 2024 taking place September 18-19, in San Francisco. I’ve researched many conferences and found that this is the conference together with top researchers, developers, and academics to foster collaboration and advance machine learning. Nearly 1,000 professionals will gather to share insights, highlight innovations, and discuss the future of digital security.

Here’s how I envision my attendance at PyTorch Conference 2024 strengthening our company:

  • PyTorch is a comprehensive framework for building deep learning models, often used in image recognition and language processing. Written in Python, it’s user-friendly for most machine learning developers.
  • Exploring Cutting-Edge Research: PyTorch Conference 2024 is a hub for the latest advancements in machine learning and AI. Attending will keep me informed on cutting-edge research and trends, guiding our company’s strategic decisions and product development.
  • Showcasing Our Expertise: The conference offers a platform to highlight our company’s expertise in machine learning and AI. Through discussions, workshops, and networking, I aim to elevate our profile, attracting potential clients, collaborators, and talent.

Registering before July 12 secures the discounted fee of $599. Subsequently, the fee increases to $699. From August 12 until the event, the fee is set at $849. Included in the registration fee is access to all keynotes and sessions, the expo hall, hallway track, lounges, continental breakfast, lunch, and breaks. It also includes entrance to the evening events, including the all-attendee onsite reception.

I would be happy to write a post-conference report detailing what I’ve learned, and recommend any changes we can implement to improve our practices.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope we can make this opportunity work.


{Your Name}