Hyperledger Member Summit

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Member Summit is Hyperledger’s annual flagship event, bringing together representatives from our member companies to connect with each other, address common challenges, share lessons learned, and collectively envision how to make Hyperledger the place for enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to grow and thrive.

We welcome members from around the world, community leaders along with first-time participants, to provide input into our strategic direction and collaborate with each other, across both technical and business topics. This is also an opportunity to frankly assess where we are as a project and a community, and we encourage everyone to come prepared to share both successes and challenges.

This year we are focused on all facets of taking the project to scale: celebrating the successes, taking stock of the needs and challenges, leveling up on knowledge and best practices, and collectively co-envisioning the path forward for the project and the community.

We’ll be talking about the latest in production enterprise deployments, providing updates in the project roadmaps for Hyperledger technologies, including Brian Behlendorf’s annual “State of the Ledger” talk. You’ll hear about the new projects that have joined Hyperledger in the past year and understand how you can leverage them in your products, services, and use cases. We hope you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the business impact that enterprise blockchain networks are having in a variety of applications: supply chains, digital identity, financial services, government, and more.

The Summit is being designed to deliver a range of benefits to participating members:

  • Learn about the latest developments and innovations in DLT and related technologies
  • Add your voice to fortify the vision, strategy, and direction of Hyperledger as we move into a broader range of enterprise contexts
  • Connect with leaders in the enterprise blockchain industry
  • See how technologies designed for a dynamic world are reshaping the business and strategies of our member community
  • Enjoy unique professional development across a range of technical and business disciplines

Member Summit will take advantage of this year’s virtual environment to provide a diverse range of session types and formats across three regional time zones. Our goal is to increase collaborative and networking opportunities while also getting real work done.

The program will be co-created by our member Program Committee and with registered participants, employing both a call for session proposals as well as individual surveys of interests and priorities.