PX4 Developer Summit

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The open-source drone developer event is made for you, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Come learn, network, and share ideas with the Community. No matter where you are developing, embedded, machine learning, mobile, or on the cloud. We got you covered—all of the information you need to know to succeed in our Ecosystem in a single place.

The PX4 Developer Summit is the annual flagship conference hosted by the Dronecode Foundation for the drone development community.

The event is designed for software developers, hardware engineers, system integrators, and academia. Join us while we explore together the latest technologies in the PX4 Ecosystem. 

Get a complete overview of how the PX4 Ecosystem works and the opportunity to network with maintainers, contributors, and key stakeholders from organizations using our open technologies.

Who should attend?

  • Software Engineers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Students/Professors/Researchers of Robotics
  • Product Teams working on Drone Products
  • CTOs of Drone and Robotics organizations
  • VP/Director of Engineering of Drone and Robotics organizations

What topics are being discussed?

This year we are focusing exclusively on the open-source and open standard projects on our Ecosystem. We will be discussing the latest releases and the next steps for each of the projects on our Ecosystem. We are talking about the following open projects:

  • PX4 Autopilot
  • Pixhawk
  • MAVLink
  • ROS 2
  • QGroundControl

Impressions from Previous Events

“I really enjoyed the way the material and presentation sessions presented the valuable information regarding the px4 platform. The conference sparked and rekindled my interest in aerial robotics especially me being a Roboticist particularly interested in Manipulation and Grasping problem, I never thought Aerial Robotics had such a strong community and this event proved me otherwise.” … Shahram Najam Syed

“Everything in one place, good presentation and speakers, friendly environment.“

“The summit was a great introduction to PX4 development and I am excited to work with PX4 more in the future! I learned a lot about not only different ways that PX4 can be used, but also the architecture / “how it works”. I appreciated that the event was pivoted to virtual as it allowed me to attend a conference that would have otherwise probably been outside of my reach.”… Parthiv Krishna






Students and Academia Scholarship