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Better Together Diversity Lunch

Better Together Diversity Lunch

Thursday, 15 September | 12:35 – 14:05 | Level 3 Foyer at Convention Centre Dublin
About the Better Together Diversity Lunch

The Better Together Diversity Lunch offers the opportunity for all event participants from marginalized communities (including race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability), and their allies, to join together to build connections to carry through the event and beyond. Our hope is that this event will help continue to increase the diversity both at the event as well as in the open source community as time goes on.

No pre-registration is required to attend. We do our best to accommodate everyone interested in joining, but please note that participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who Can Attend?
Any event participant from a marginalized community (including race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability) and their ally guests. 

Is This Event Open to Allies?
Attendees of the Better Together Diversity Lunch are welcome to invite (1) Ally to this event. 

We encourage allies to support diversity in tech while at the event by also participating in the Diversity Empowerment Summit, and by seeking out and engaging with diverse attendees onsite.

If you are interested in learning about the other ways the Linux Foundation promotes diversity and inclusion, visit our Diversity & Inclusion page.

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