Embedded Open Source Summit

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Embedded Open Source Summit

EOSS | Embedded Open Source Summit
Events Under the Embedded Open Source Summit 2023
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June 27-30, 2023

Prague, Czech Republic + Virtual


Thank you for Attending

Thank you to all who joined us for Embedded Open Source Summit 2023!
We look forward to seeing you at future events.


To experience the best of this year’s event, be sure to watch session recordings, available on The Linux Foundation YouTube Channel.


Review session slides from speakers who provided them via the event schedule.

Embedded Open Source Summit Events

Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS) is a new umbrella event for open source embedded projects and developer communities to come together under one roof for important collaboration and education.

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featured Keynote speakers

  • David VomLehn headshot

    I love working on new, innovative projects where my involvement spans multiple subsystems. This is true of space-related development, especially with NewSpace companies or companies willing to use new approach to solve old and new problems. Most recently, this has meant a position as the lead flight software engineer for a lunar lander. My team works closely with practically every other subsystem, requiring everyone to stretch their existing knowledge to meet requirements, sometimes in ways that go beyond traditional approaches. I thrive on the challenge of working on systems where success and failure are measured in stark terms–our flight software team motto is “No new craters!”

  • Anas Nashif headshot

    Anas Nashif is a Principal Software Engineer at Intel. He is the upstream maintainer of various Zephyr subsystems and areas and the chair of the Zephyr Technical Steering Committee. Anas has been involved with Zephyr since 2015.

  • Kate Stewart headshot

    Kate Stewart is a Senior Director of Strategic Programs, responsible for the Open Compliance programs encompassing the SPDX, FOSSology, OpenChain, and other compliance-related projects. Kate was one of the founders of SPDX, and is currently the specification lead. Since joining The Linux Foundation, she has also launched Real-Time Linux and Zephyr Project.

    With almost 30 years of experience in the software industry, she has held a variety of roles and worked as a developer in Canada, Australia, and the US and for the last 20 years has managed software development teams in the US, Canada, UK, India, and China. She received her Master’s in computer science from the University of Waterloo and her Bachelor’s of computer science (co-op program) from the University of Manitoba.

  • Luka Mustafa headshot

    Luka Mustafa is working full-time on IoT and advanced embedded systems at Institute IRNAS www.irnas.eu that he founded in 2014 in Slovenia. He leads a multidisciplinary team developing open systems and devices for the most challenging environments and uses, ranging from custom CNC machines, to electronics and fibre optic systems (wireless optical system KORUZA www.koruza.net)

  • Natali Tshuva headshot

    Natali Tshuva brings over 10 years of experience, both as a researcher and a team leader, in the field of cyber security and software development. After graduating magna cum laude B.Sc. in Computer Science at the age of 19, as part of a special program for gifted and talented kids, Natali was handpicked to serve in IDF’s 8200 elite technology unit (the Israeli equivalent of MI6 or NSA) as a security software engineer.

    Prior to founding Sternum, Natali held several cybersecurity-related roles, including leading different R&D and research teams for global cyber intelligence market leaders.

    Having identified critical gaps in the IoT security market with life-saving consequences, Natali now leads all aspects of Sternum’s vision and mission execution both technologically and commercially.

    Natali holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University and when she is in between meetings she rejuvenates with creative writing and all sorts of sports.

  • Keith Short headshot
    Keith Short Software engineer, Google
  • Michael GIelda headshot

    Michael Gielda is VP Business Development at Antmicro, Marketing Committee Chair of the Zephyr Project and Chair of Outreach for CHIPS Alliance. A Computer Science graduate, he worked as a researcher in the fields of IoT and embedded systems before going on to found Antmicro. Michael is involved in many open source software and hardware projects related to software-driven tools and methodologies, AI, FPGA, ASIC development (among other things). He is working to build collaborations between projects with common goals, and expanding the lessons learned from the success of open source software into other fields.

  • Timothy Bird headshot

    Tim Bird is a Principal Software Engineer for Sony Corporation, where he helps Sony improve the Linux kernel for use in Sony’s products. Tim is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Linux Foundation. Tim is active in technical projects related to embedded Linux testing and standards, and is the maintainer of the Fuego test system.  He created the Embedded Linux Conference, and has been working with Linux for over 25 years.


Schedule at a glance

Monday, June 26Co-Located Events & Trainings
Tuesday, June 27Zephyr® Project Developer Summit, Embedded IoT Summit & Automotive Linux Summit Sessions and Sponsor Showcase
Wednesday, June 28Keynotes, Embedded Linux Conference & Zephyr® Project Developer Summit Sessions, Sponsor Showcase and the All-Attendee Reception
Thursday, June 29Embedded Linux Conference & Zephyr® Project Developer Summit Sessions, Sponsor Showcase and Onsite Reception & Booth Crawl
Friday,  June 30Embedded Linux Conference, Safety Critical Software Summit & LF Energy Embedded Summit Sessions and Sponsor Showcase