LF Energy Summit

This event has passed. Please visit the upcoming LF Energy Summit.


Speaker Guide


We are excited to welcome you as a speaker for LF Energy Summit 2023. The event is happening both in person at the Immeuble Window in Paris, France and virtually on Thursday, June 1 – Friday, June 2, 2023.

Please click through the tabs on this page to access information.

Important dates & Deadlines

  • Speakers Registration Deadline: Thursday, March 23. You should have received registration information in your speaker notification email. Please email cfp@linuxfoundation.org if you need this information sent to you again.
  • In-person Additional AV Request Deadline: Thursday, April 6
  • Upload Presentation Slides to Sched: Friday, May 26
  • Event Dates: Thursday, June 1 – Friday, June 2, 2023
  • Timezone: Central European Summer Time (GMT +2)


Your registration serves as confirmation that you will be speaking, and you will need to register by Thursday, March 23. Please see your notification for the discount code. 

If you have a co-speaker or panelists, please confirm with them before selecting your session format. All session presenters + panelists will need to align with the talk type delivery mode (i.e. for any session, a primary speaker cannot present in person with a co-speaker who can only speak virtually. Both speakers would need to present virtually).

Anyone coming on site, please review our Health + Safety page. We ask that you please check back for updates as we get closer to the event.

All speakers receive complimentary registration and any co-speakers or panelists can register using the same details provided above. If, after your talk is accepted, you add a speaker that was not included in your initial submission, that/those speaker(s) will not receive complimentary registration, but will receive a 40% discount off the prevailing registration rate. Please contact cfp@linuxfoundation.org for details.


If you require a visa letter, please register for the event and then complete the visa letter request here.


This year’s event will take place at Immeuble Window in Paris, France.

Please visit our Venue & Travel page for more information. Rooms will most likely sell out in advance of the event. We encourage you to book early to secure a room.


The schedule will be announced Thursday, March 16, and will be posted on our website using sched.com.

Breakout sessions are 30 minutes in duration; lightning talks are 10 minutes in duration. Please view the schedule for your exact session time. 

If you have a conflict with the timing of your talk or find that it conflicts with the content of another talk; or are having problems uploading your bio and photo, please contact cfp@linuxfoundation.org. If you would like to make updates to your speaker profile on sched.com (biography, headshot, titles), send updates directly to cfp@linuxfoundation.org, so they can be integrated with the virtual platform.


Please note the following technical requirements:

  • All speakers must supply their own computers and adapters to use during their talk.
  • Presentation slides should be formatted in 16:9. 
  • The room will include a screen, projector, and (2) microphones; panels will have 1 wireless handheld microphone for every panelist to share.
  • If you require any additional AV, please email cfp@linuxfoundation.org with those needs by Thursday, April 6. The Linux Foundation will make every effort to accommodate additional AV needs; however, final approval for additional AV requests will be made on a case-by-case basis.


All speakers are required to submit their final presentation slides ahead of the event. In addition to providing a hard copy for accessibility purposes, we find that adding the presentations before the event helps to drive interest in attending the session.

To upload slides:

  • Log into your speaker profile through Sched.com
  • On the top of the page, click “Manage and Promote Your Session”
  • Click “Add Presentation”
  • Click in the “Select a File” box and add the PDF document (note: there is a 50MB size limit)
  • Click “Upload” and your slides will automatically be saved

An optional presentation template is available to download but is not required.

Inclusive Speaker Orientation Online Course

In collaboration with the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT), the Linux Foundation has created an online course designed to teach the viewer about inclusion, diversity, and unconscious bias. We highly recommend all of our speakers watch the course to learn tips/tools to use when speaking to encourage inclusivity in presentations and messaging. 


Please read, and abide, by our code of conduct. Our code of conduct is strictly enforced. We ask that speakers especially review this code of conduct and are careful to be inclusive in the words and images used during their presentations.


If you have any other platform, speaker, or schedule-related questions, please contact us at cfp@linuxfoundation.org.




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