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Kubernetes on Edge Day

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19 March 2024

Paris, France

Kubernetes on Edge Day invites developers and adopters from across the entire cloud native ecosystem to come together and share their insights and experiences in constructing, enhancing, and improving their edge infrastructure. This event is a must-attend for any developer interested in understanding how to deploy Kubernetes and cloud native projects at the edge.

By 2025, Edge Computing is projected to quadruple the size of cloud computing and will be responsible for generating 75% of the global data. With hardware and software dispersed across hundreds or even thousands of locations, the simple paradigms around observability, loosely coupled systems, declarative APIs, and strong automation that have propelled the success of cloud native technologies in the cloud are the only feasible way to manage these distributed systems. Kubernetes is already a significant component of the edge ecosystem, driving integrations and operations. Join us at Kubernetes on the Edge Day at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon and take part in defining the future intersection of cloud native and edge computing.

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