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ContainerCon logo

Containers are revolutionizing the way workloads are automated, deployed and scaled, and ContainerCon is where teams can learn more about why and how to adopt containerization to further automation, portability and efficiency.

容器正在彻底改变工作负载的自动化、配置和扩展方式,在 ContainerCon 上,团队可以详细了解为什么以及如何采用容器化来进一步实现自动化、可移植性和效率。

Digital Trust logo

This event brings together experts, enthusiasts, and practitioners in the field of open source digital trust. It aims to explore the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in using open source tools to enhance trustworthiness and security in the digital landscape.


LinuxCon logo

LinuxCon is an event for maintainers, developers and project leads in the Linux community to gather for updates, education, collaboration, and problem-solving to further the Linux ecosystem.

LinuxCon 是面向 Linux 社区维护人员、开发者和项目负责人的活动,他们汇聚一堂,旨在提供最新信息、教育、协作和解决问题,以进一步发展 Linux 生态系统。

Open Source 101 logo

Open Source 101 is the conference for developers that are new to open source. This event provides fundamental teaching in Linux, Cloud, and Embedded Administration and will help attendees gain the skills and understanding they need to further their careers.

Open Source 101 是面向刚接触开源的开发者的会议。此活动提供 Linux、云和嵌入式管理方面的基础教学,并将帮助与会者获得进一步发展职业生涯所需的技能和理解。

Operations Management Summit logo

Operations Management Summit (OMS) is designed to bridge the intricacies of open source consumption, compliance, and management. Designed for organizations aiming to streamline software processes, OMS confronts the challenges of discoverability and understanding in Process-related open projects.

Delve into comprehensive discussions that reveal the ties between compliance, community involvement, and enterprise open source management. Whether your focus is on licensing, a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), or unique management structures, OMS offers insights to fit every organizational mold.

Operations Management Summit (OMS) 旨在消除开源使用、合规性和管理的复杂性。OMS 专为旨在简化软件流程的组织而设计,在与流程有关的开放式项目中面临着可发现性及理解性的挑战。

深入开展全面的讨论,揭示合规性、社区参与和企业开源管理之间的联系。无论您关注许可、软件物料清单 (SBOM) 还是独特的管理结构,OMS 均可提供适合每种组织模式的见解。

OSPOCon logo

An event for those working in open source program offices (OSPOs) in organizations that rely on open source technologies to learn and share best practices, experiences, and tooling to overcome challenges they face.

面向依赖开源技术的组织中的开源计划办公室 (OSPO) 工作人员的活动,旨在学习和分享最佳实践、经验和工具,以克服其面临的挑战。

SupplyChainSecurityCon logo

Cybersecurity incidents are among the greatest threats facing organizations today. This event, held in partnership with OpenSSF and CNCF, gathers security practitioners, open source developers, and others interested in software supply chain security to; explore the security threats affecting the software supply chain, share best practices and mitigation tactics and Increase knowledge about how to best secure open source software.

网络安全事件是现今组织面临的最大威胁之一。此活动与 OpenSSF 和 CNCF 合作举办,汇聚安全从业者、开源开发者和其他对软件供应链安全感兴趣人士;探索影响软件供应链的安全威胁,分享最佳实践和缓解策略,并增加关于如何以最佳方式保障开源软件安全的知识。




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