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AI_dev is a nexus for developers delving into the intricate realm of open source generative AI and machine learning. At the heart of this event is the belief that open source is the engine of innovation in AI. By uniting the brightest developers from around the world, we aim to ignite discussions, foster collaborations, and shape the trajectory of open source AI. Attendees will join to dive deep in hands-on sessions, engage in robust technical discourse, and harness the collective expertise to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the AI realm with open source.


AI_dev 是专为开发者设计的论坛,用于深入探讨开源生成式人工智能和机器学习的复杂话题。该活动围绕一个核心理念展开:开源是人工智能创新的动力。通过汇聚全球顶尖开发者,我们致力于激发讨论,促进合作,共同塑造开源人工智能的未来。与会者将参加实践会议并深入探讨,参与旗帜鲜明的技术辩论,并利用集体专业知识,通过开源突破人工智能领域的可能性界限。

Attend For

  • Deep Technical Dive: Engage in hands-on sessions that delve deep into the intricacies of open source AI and ML, equipping you with actionable knowledge.
  • Collaborative Innovation: Connect and co-create with a global network of developers, gaining insights from shared experiences and diverse coding approaches in the AI realm.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Get early access to the latest open source AI tools, frameworks, and best practices, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of the rapidly evolving tech landscape.
  • Direct Impact: Contribute to pivotal discussions that shape the future of open source AI projects, and play an active role in steering the community’s direction and focus.


  • 深入技术探讨:参加实践会议,深入研究开源人工智能与机器学习 (ML) 的复杂性,为您提供可操作的知识。
  • 协作创新:与全球开发者网络联系并共同创造,从人工智能领域的共享经验和多样化编码方法中获得见解。
  • 保持领先地位:尽早使用最新的开源人工智能工具、框架和最佳实践,确保您始终处于快速发展的技术领域的最前沿。
  • 直接影响:为塑造开源人工智能项目未来的关键讨论提供助力,并在引导社区的方向及焦点方面发挥积极作用。

Who Should Attend

Software Developers & Engineers

Ranging from ML beginners to seasoned GenAI experts, these professionals are at the heart of the summit, passionate about harnessing open source AI to innovate and drive advancements.

Machine Learning Engineers

Specialists who implement, maintain, and innovate with ML algorithms and tools, bridging theory with real-world application.

AI Researchers

Both from academia and industry, these experts delve deep into the intricate facets of AI, seeking to share insights and understand the practical applications of their work.

Open Source Contributors

Active participants in the open source ecosystem, especially those involved in AI and ML projects, looking to collaborate, learn, and grow.

Data Scientists

Experts who combine statistical methods with AI and ML techniques to interpret vast datasets and drive decision-making.

AI Ethics & Governance Experts

Professionals dedicated to ensuring that AI evolves ethically and responsibly, desiring to interact with like-minded individuals.



这些专业人士的范围从机器学习初学者到经验丰富的 GenAI 专家,他们是峰会的核心,热衷于利用开源人工智能进行创新和推动进步。













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