KuberTENes Birthday Bash

HBD K8S 10 logo

KuberTENes Birthday Bash

Save the Date!

June 6, 2024

Silicon Valley, CA +
Various Worldwide Locations

#KuberTENes #celebr8k8s

Kubernetes is turning 10! To celebrate this momentous industry and community milestone, we invite everyone to join in the fun by participating in our exclusive logo design contest or attending or hosting one of our global birthday parties. Please join us in celebrating 10 years of innovation and community, and lend your support as we chart the next great evolution of this fantastic open source project.

Start your celebration now by claiming your exclusive Contributor Card – your passport to a world of recognition within the vibrant Kubernetes community! As a cherished contributor to Kubernetes, this card serves as a token of gratitude for your invaluable first contribution to this historic project. It’s a tangible symbol of your dedication and expertise in shaping the future of cloud-native technology.