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Featured Speakers

  • Priyanka Sharma headshot

    Priyanka is the General Manager of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. She was previously the director of Cloud Native Alliances at GitLab Inc., where she built the developer evangelism team that participates regularly in the cloud native community.

    Priyanka also serves as an advisor at Heavybit Industries, an accelerator for developer products. She has contributed to several CNCF projects such as Jaeger and Vitess and was a founding team member of the OpenTracing standard. In addition, Priyanka is a leading speaker and subject matter expert on cloud native and observability and has spoken about Kubernetes, Prometheus, Jaeger, OpenTracing, Envoy, Vitess, SPIFFE/SPIRE, and more. She was a startup founder featured at TechCrunch Disrupt and started her career at Google.

  • Kelsey Hightower headshot

    Kelsey Hightower has worn every hat possible throughout his career in tech, and enjoys leadership roles focused on making things happen and shipping software. Kelsey is a strong open source advocate focused on building simple tools that make people smile. When he is not slinging Go code, you can catch him giving technical workshops covering everything from programming to system administration.

  • Sarah Novotny headshot

    Sarah Novotny has long been an Open Source champion in projects such as Kubernetes, NGINX and MySQL. She is part of the Microsoft Azure Office of the CTO, sits on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors, previously led an Open Source Strategy group at Google and ran large scale technology infrastructures before web-scale had a name.

  • Eric Brewer headshot

    Eric joined Google in 2011 and leads the company’s compute infrastructure design, including Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes and Anthos. A recent focus is security for open-source software, including supply chain risks and helping start the OpenSSF.

    As a researcher, he has led projects on scalable servers, network infrastructure, IoT, and the CAP Theorem. He has also led work on technology for developing regions, with projects in India, the Philippines, and Kenya among others, and including communications, power, and health care. 

    In 1996, he co-founded Inktomi Corporation and helped lead it onto the NASDAQ 100. In 2000, working with President Clinton, Prof. Brewer helped to create, the official portal of the Federal government.

    Major awards include membership in the NAE and AAAS, the ACM Prize in Computing, and the ACM SIGOPS Mark Weiser Award.

  • Brian Grant headshot
    Brian Grant Distinguished Software Engineer, Google
  • Chen Goldberg headshot
    Chen Goldberg GM & VP Engineering, Google
  • Solomon Hykes headshot
    Solomon Hykes CEO,
  • Janet Kuo headshot
    Janet Kuo Staff Software Engineer, Google
  • Alex Polvi headshot
    Alex Polvi CEO, CoreOS Inc.
  • Bob Wise headshot
    Bob Wise CEO, Heroku
  • Chris Aniszczyk headshot
    Chris Aniszczyk VP, Developer Relations, The Linux Foundation and CTO, CNCF
  • Craig McLuckie headshot

    Craig is co-founder and CEO of Stacklok, a startup building community centric OSS capabilities to secure the OSS supply chain. Previously he worked at Google and was the founding product lead for Google Compute Engine. He also co-founded the Kubernetes project and bootstrapped the CNCF to support innovation and community aligned collaboration in the cloud native computing space. He co-founded Heptio which was acquired by VMware and managed the Tanzu R&D org post acquisition.

  • Aparna Sinha headshot

    Aparna Sinha is Senior Vice President, and Head of Enterprise AI/ML products at Capital One. She is also a startup investor / advisor at PearVC. Aparna has a track record of successful P&L ownership, creating new revenue streams and building $B+ businesses through technical and go-to-market innovation.

    She was Sr. Director of Developer Products at Google Cloud leading a 100+ member PM, UX, and DevRel Engineering team responsible for >40 cloud services and open source tools. She was an early contributor to Kubernetes, built the team and grew Google Kubernetes Engine 100x into a Top 3 revenue generator for Cloud. Prior to Cloud Aparna worked on Android, ChromeOS and Play. Previously at McKinsey & Company she was a leader in the business technology office, working with CIOs on server virtualization strategy, pricing, and SaaS.

    Aparna holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, and a patent from Google. She served as Chair of the Governing Board of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).