Open Networking & Edge Summit Europe

Open Networking & Edge Summit Europe

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Postponed – Dates TBD in Q4 2020
Flanders Meeting & Convention Center
Elisabeth Center

Antwerp, Belgium

Open Networking & Edge Summit (formerly Open Networking Summit) is the industry’s premier open networking event now expanded to comprehensively cover Edge Computing, Edge Cloud & IoT. Open Networking & Edge Summit (ONES) enables collaborative development and innovation across enterprises, service providers/telcos and cloud providers to shape the future of networking and edge computing. LEARN MORE

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Open Networking & Edge Summit is a great conference, very useful to explore new technology trends and collaborate with your peers.
– Cecilia Corbi, Telecom Italia

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Open Networking & Edge Summit



Day ZeroSponsored Tutorials (14:00 – 17:00)
Day OneKeynotes (starting at 9:00)
Breakout Sessions & Unconference
Sponsored Tutorials
Tech Showcase
Onsite Attendee Reception & Tech Showcase (ending at 19:30)
Day TwoKeynotes (starting at 9:00)
Breakout Sessions & Unconference (ending at 17:30)
Sponsored Tutorials
Tech Showcase
Day ThreeSponsored Tutorials (9:00 – 17:00)

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About Antwerp

Antwerp, Europe’s second-largest port, is a multidimensional hotspot. It’s a trendsetter of fashion, a cornerstone of history, and an architectural destination. It’s the birthplace of Technotronic’s, “Pump Up the Jam”, the world’s first foray into Belgium’s Electronic Music Scene. 400 years ago, it printed the world’s first newspaper. And by most roadsides, you can score a delectable Belgian waffle, complete with fruit and whipped cream.