Open Source Summit Latin America

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Open AI + Data Forum


This conference is for the open AI and Data community, and provides a forum to drive open source innovation in the AI, ML, DL, and Data domains by enabling collaboration and learning amongst the community. This event is produced by the LF AI + Data Foundation, and The Linux Foundation.

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Call for proposals

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Open AI + Data Forum topics include:

  • Machine and Deep Learning (Framework, Libraries, Platform, Tools)
  • Reinforcement Learning 
  • Natural Language Processing
  • AI on the Edge
  • Model (Benchmarking, Training, Parameter, Format, Marketplace, Workflow, Inference, Tools)
  • Notebook Environments 
  • Data (Versioning, Format, Pipeline Management, Stream Processing, SQL Engines, Feature Engineering, Visualization, Governance, Labeling)
  • Security and Privacy
  • Trusted and Responsible AI (Explainability, Adversarial, Bias, Fairness)