RISC-V Summit

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Program Committee

A very special thank you to our RISC-V Summit 2021 Program Committee!

  • Christoph Müllner headshot

    Christoph Müllner has been working on compilers, embedded runtimes, static analysis tools, and embedded systems for over 13 years. His experience includes building managed runtime systems for ARMv7-based on the V8 JavaScript engine, maintenance and optimization of GCC toolchains for 64-bit ARM processors, contributions to ILP32 for ARMv8, and design and implementation of a hypervisor-based scale-out solution for ARMv8. Currently, he manages a team that implements an architecture-independent data layout optimization for GCC, and works on improvements for RISC-V toolchains and runtimes. Christoph has studied Software Engineering at the Technical University Vienna and is working for SBA Research.

  • Wei Wu headshot

    Wei Wu is the co-founder and director of the PLCT lab (as part of ISRC, ISCAS). Improving the software ecosystem for RISC-V has been set as one of the most important strategic objectives of PLCT lab. His team is working on V8 RISC-V porting and optimizing, RISC-V V Spec LLVM implementation, QEMU extension for RISC-V startups, and some feature extensions for Spike Simulator. All projects had been open source. He is the chair of ISA Infrastructure Horizontal Committee in RISC-V International.

    He is the chairman of OSDT (formerly HelloGCC and HelloLLVM) community which was founded in 2007. OSDT is an open and loose group aiming to promote the development of toolchains, language VMs, emulators/simulators and other tools for software developers. Since 2017, a series of RISC-V technical salons / conferences in China were organized or co-organized by OSDT.

    Wei Wu is very passionate about educating RISC-V to engineers and amateurs. He often gives talks and lectures among amateurs and college students in OSDT meetups. He also collaborates with college teachers, providing RISC-V software lectures and experiment courses.

  • Anup Patel headshot

    I am an open-source enthusiast with primary interest in hypervisors, firmware, and Linux kernel. I have 14+ years of experience developing system level software for various semi-conductor companies. Currently, I am part of the Western Digital system software research group where we do lot of open-source contributions to help RISC-V software ecosystem.

  • Abel Bernabeu headshot

    Abel Bernabeu is a computer scientist with over a decade of experience in the GPU industry, mostly working on software drivers and digital hardware design for companies like Imagination Technologies, ZiiLabs, Intel, Arm and more recently Esperanto Technologies. During his career has developed insight of the underlying computer architectures used in common GPU designs and familiarity with popular Khronos standards such as OpenGL ES, OpenVG, OpenCL, Vulkan and SPIR-V. His alma mater is Universitat d’Alacant were he studied Computer Engineering (2005) and did pioneering computer graphics research on continuous level of detail and disk paging of large terrain models. More recently Abel completed a PGcert on “AI with deep learning” from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2020).

  • Patty Tu headshot

    Ms. Patty Wenhui Tu is sr. director of blockchain plus technology group of Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc and chair of the newly formed Blockchain SIG within RISC-V International Association. Wanxiang blockchain is a leading player in the blockchain industry with the ambition to build a vibrant blockchain ecosystem and promote the development and application of blockchain. Wanxiang blockchain has developed PlatONE, a privacy-computing-focused consortium blockchain platform with Juzix and practical blockchain solutions for industries like supply chain finance, finished vehicle logistics, biological assets, renewable energy, industrial Internet, digital city etc.

    Patty joined Wanxiang blockchain in 2018. She is the head of blockchain plus technology group and is in charge of initiating innovative projects integrating IoT, 5G, AI technology with blockchain system, together with partners including IC, IoT devices vendors, carriers, application service providers, financial institutions and so on. She has successfully deployed a variety of IoT + blockchain projects including livestock, smart meter assets financing and petrol chemical commodity financing system etc.

    Before join Wanxiang, Patty has about 14-year experience in famous semiconductor companies including Spreadtrum/Unisoc, NXP and Conexant. She is familiar with embedded software system and IC architectures of automotive, mobile, multi-media, connectivity chip products. As security expert, she also joined and contributed to DCAS (Downloadable Conditional Access System) GY/T225-2012, the security specification of STB system by State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, China.

    Patty graduated from Zhejiang University, major in information engineering, BEng, in 2001 and attained MBA degree in Shanghai Jiaotong University, in 2010.

  • Peter Chun headshot

    Peter Chun received B.Eng., M.A. Sci. and Ph.D. in electrical & computer engineering from Ryerson University and taught at the university where he was a faculty member teaching for advanced electronics, microprocessor systems and electric machines and electronics. Then, he worked on Advanced Design Technology group at Nortel working on the first 40G SONET FEC and Ethernet Metro optical systems, moved on the aerospace industry (at MDA) designing electronic systems such as next generation Canadarm, RADARSAT constellation mission system and expanded his horizon into mass-media (at Nevion) & consumer electronic market (at RAMBUS) where he was involved in developing and managing real-time video transport stream systems and mobile image sensor processing units. His latest adventure is to engage in technical planning and collaboration for heterogeneous device/pipe/cloud solutions for emerging 5G/MEC applications in ICT convergence environment at Huawei.

  • Kim McMahon headshot

    Kim McMahon is the Director of Visibility & Community Engagement at RISC-V International. She comes to RISC-V with a deep background in marketing for open source and technology. She has spent her career with companies such as SGI, Cray, VMware, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and the {code} Team at Dell, where she honed her love for HPC, open source, and cloud native. Working with startups, large companies, and all in-between, she brings her expertise in visibility and community strategies to spread awareness, engage the community, and grow an organization. Kim has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Northern Colorado. She lives in Winter Park, Colorado and enjoys hiking, skiing, and outdoor activities with her two labradors Coal and Connor.

  • Mark Himelstein headshot

    Before RISC-V international Mark Himelstein was the President of Heavenstone, Inc. which concentrated on Strategic, Management, and Technology Consulting providing hardware and software product architecture, analysis, mentoring and interim management. Previously, Mark started Graphite Systems, Inc (acquired by EMC) where he was the VP of Engineering and CTO developing large Analytics Appliances using highly integrated FLASH memory. Prior to Graphite, Mark held positions as the CTO of Quantum Corp, Vice President of Solaris development engineering at Sun Microsystems and other technical management roles at Apple, Infoblox, and MIPS.

    Mark has a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Math from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania and a masters degree in Computer Science from University of California Davis/Livermore. In addition to publishing numerous technical papers and holding many patents, he is the author of the book “100 Questions to Ask Your Software Organization”.

  • Philipp Tomsich headshot

    Dr. Philipp Tomsich is the Founder and Chief Technologist of VRULL GmbH, an engineering consultancy focused on engineering performance solutions through compiler optimizations, runtime performance tuning, system-level optimization, and hard-/software co-engineering on the architectural and micro-architectural level.  

    He supports the RISC-V mission as the Chair of the Software Horizontal Committee within RISC-V International, where he oversees the community involvement on Toolchains & Runtimes and drives the standardization effort for Platforms.

    Philipp brings broad experience and expertise in runtime systems (including Java VMs, compilers, operating systems kernels, and static code analysis), high-assurance applications, secure/trusted boot, and embedded hardware. His earlier contributions to open-source compilers have been focussed on ARMv8 and, more recently, on RISC-V.

    He has worked on languages and compilers for multi-core systems for over twenty years, being involved in engineering projects for high-assurance government applications. 

    His previous career includes his role as the Founder and CTO of Theobroma Systems (a Software and Hardware engineering company offering tailored and standard modular solutions for high-assurance computing, which Cherry GmbH acquired in Oct 2020), compiler engineering at Silicon Graphics, and consulting in banking and government IT.
    He has held teaching and research roles at the Vienna University of Technology, where he also graduated with a degree and a doctorate in Computer Science, with the title M.Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.). In Austria, Philipp is a recognized court-certified expert on embedded systems, low-level programming, programming languages, compilers, and performance.

    He is an active contributor to open-source projects during his entire career, including the GNU toolchains (GCC, binutils, and glibc), OpenSSL, and as a custodian (i.e., global reviewer and maintainer) on the U-Boot project.  He manages engineering teams working on the GNU toolchain, Linux kernel, cryptographic libraries, LLVM optimization, and Embedded Rust.

  • Andrew Dellow headshot

    Andrew Dellow is Chief Security Architect at Huawei Technologies Research and Development UK, developing security architectures for Huawei’s Chipset business

    Andrew has 20 years’ experience in system on chip security starting with the original development of robust Set Top Box SoCs for Pay TV, holding more than 40 patents in the area of hardware and SoC security. He is currently responsible for security strategy and architecture for device chipsets including IoT, TV, STB, IP Camera and connectivity chipsets, and is particularly interested in the area of trusted execution. 
    He has experience of standards development at numerous bodies including JHAS, CI+ etc. and has architected many secure systems from embedded Secure Elements to large complex multiprocessor SoC.

    Prior to joining Huawei in 2016, Andrew was a Distinguished Engineer and Technical Director at Broadcom Corp

  • Ted Marena headshot

    Ted Marena is responsible for evangelizing RISC-V, marketing machine learning solutions and accelerating the build out of various ecosystems. He has over 25 years of experience in technical sales, business development and marketing. Marena has recently authored a book, Marketing SimplifiedAn Experience-Based, Step-by-Step Guide to Grow Sales. He is recognized as a leader in the field and was elected the Marketing Chair for RISC-V International. Marena earned a BSEE and MBA, Magna Cum Laude.

  • Konrad Schwarz SIEMENS