Open Source Summit Japan

This event has passed. Please visit the upcoming Open Source Summit Japan.

Virtual Attendance

All Keynote and Breakout Sessions at Open Source Summit Japan will be live streamed directly to the Linux Foundation YouTube channel real time during the event. 

How to access the live stream:

A virtual registration is not required to access the event live stream. To join a specific session, simply click on the corresponding session in the schedule (coming soon), and you’ll find a yellow ‘Video Stream’ button that will lead you to the live stream. Please be informed that all sessions will be live-streamed at their scheduled times. In case you miss any session, don’t worry; recordings will be made available on the Linux Foundation YouTube channel within two weeks after the event.

Will there be a virtual platform for virtual participation? 

No, we will not be using a virtual platform for the event. All sessions will be live-streamed at the time they take place onsite at the event. 

Will I be able to chat with other virtual attendees? 

Yes, during the live stream, we’ll utilize YouTube’s chat feature for interaction. While virtual Question & Answer (Q&A) won’t be accessible during the session, you can actively engage with fellow live stream viewers via the chat.

What timezone are sessions listed in? 

All session times are in Japan Standard Time (UTC+09:00). 

Will I be able to access the session recordings after the event? 

All individual sessions will be edited and uploaded to the Linux Foundation YouTube channel within 2-weeks of the event. 

Where can I access session slides? 

We ask all speakers to provide their slides, and they will be uploaded into the schedule.

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