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Operations Management Summit


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Operations Management Summit (OMS) is designed to bridge the intricacies of open source consumption, compliance, and management. Designed for organizations aiming to streamline software processes, OMS confronts the challenges of discoverability and understanding in Process-related open projects.

Delve into comprehensive discussions that reveal the ties between compliance, community involvement, and enterprise open source management. Whether your focus is on licensing, a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), or unique management structures, OMS offers insights to fit every organizational mold.

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Operations Management Summit topics include:

  • CxO Strategy Management
  • Internal Stakeholder Engagement & Partnerships
  • Organization Risk Management
  • Adherence to Government Requirements
  • Leveraging Standards for Process Management
  • Applying best practices for procurement
  • Applying Best Practices for and M&As & Divestments
  • Remediation Strategy
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Managing Customer Expectations & Contractual Requirements with Regards to OS
  • Working with Legal to Reduce Risk
  • Working with Outside Legal Counsel on Open Source Matters
  • Tooling and Shareable Processes for All of the Above

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