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Cybersecurity incidents are among the greatest threats facing organizations today. This event, held in partnership with OpenSSF and CNCF, gathers security practitioners, open source developers, and others interested in software supply chain security to; explore the security threats affecting the software supply chain, share best practices and mitigation tactics and Increase knowledge about how to best secure open source software.

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This event is part of Open Source Summit. To attend, register for Open Source Summit Japan. 1 registration gives you access to ALL events featured under the Open Source Summit umbrella. In-person and virtual registration are both available.

Call For Proposals

Submit a proposal to speak! Submissions are being accepted through September 10.

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SupplyChainSecurityCon topics include:

  • Measuring Risk of Potential & Already-included OSS
  • Countering Source Code Level Problems
    • Reducing the Likelihood of Vulnerabilities (e.g., eliminating entire classes)
    • Countering Subverted Source Code Control Systems
  • Countering Build Threats
    • Simplifying Verified Reproducible Builds
    • Ensuring Safe Transition from Source Code Control to Build System
    • Countering Compromised Build System
    • Countering Bypassed CI/CD
    • Countering Subverted Package Repository
    • Countering use of Bad Package
  • Countering Dependency Threats
    • Countering use of a Bad Dependency (e.g., Typosquatting and Dependency Confusion)
    • Detecting malicious reused software
  • Ensuring users Know, with Confidence, what Software Components (at all tiers) are Included.

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