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Open Source Leadership Summit


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Open Source Leadership Summit fosters innovation, growth and partnerships among the leading projects and corporations working in open technology development. It is a must-attend for business and technical leaders looking to advance open source strategy, implementation and investment.

Registration Details

This event is part of Open Source Summit. To attend, register for Open Source Summit Japan. 1 registration gives you access to ALL events featured under the Open Source Summit umbrella. In-person and virtual registration are both available.

Call For Proposals

Submit a proposal to speak! Submissions are being accepted through September 10.

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Open Source Leadership Summit topics include:

  • Best Practices in Open Source Development / Lessons Learned
  • Growing, Managing & Sustaining Open Source Projects
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Open Source Governance and Models
  • Certifying Open Source Projects & Compliance
  • Leveraging Open Source Technology, Incentivization and Engagement
  • Software Development Methodologies and Platforms
  • Building Internal Innersource Communities
  • Remote Team Management and Methods
  • Bug/Issue Management and Triage
  • Communication Platforms and Methods; Content Management and Social Media
  • Mentoring and Training
  • Culture, Community Management, Advocacy and Evangelism

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