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Observability Day


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November 12, 2024

Salt Lake City, Utah

Observability Day fosters collaboration, discussion, and knowledge sharing of cloud-native observability projects (including but not necessarily limited to Prometheus, Fluentd, Fluent Bit, OpenTelemetry, and OpenMetrics), as well as vendor-neutral best practices for addressing observability challenges.

Call For Proposals

Submit a proposal to speak! Submissions are being accepted through Sunday, July 14, 2024. (11:59 PM MDT)

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Observability Day topics include:

  • How to Solve Edge Cases Around Observability
  • Observability Success Stores and Misfortunes
  • Uses of Open Source Tooling to Achieve Observability
  • Interesting Use Cases for Observability
  • Monitoring Dynamic Microservices and container in Real-time
  • Managing the Ever-increasing Volume of Observability Data
  • Making a Case for Observability Within Your Organization
  • Unconference Discussions
  • Project Specific- Observabilty + Prometheus + OpenMetrics + OpenTelemery + Jaeger + Thanos + Fluentd + Cortex
  • End-user Talks about Observability Implementations

Submission Types:

  • Presentation: 25 minutes with 1 or 2 speakers presenting on a topic
  • Panel Discussion: 35 minutes of discussion amongst 3 to 5 speakers
  • Lightning Talk: A brief 10 minute presentation with a maximum of 1 speaker

Registration Details

This event is one of our KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America CNCF-hosted Co-located Events. In-person attendees have the option to register for an All-Access In-Person KubeCon + CloudNativeCon pass that will include entry to ALL CNCF-hosted co-located events + KubeCon + CloudNativeCon.

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