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19 March 2024

Paris, France

Join us in the first ever conference fully focused on the CNCF Incubated Thanos project! Learn from experts, connect with maintainers, end users and community members and get into the cost efficient, open-source scalable metric world now!

Learn from the experts:

  • What’s Thanos and how to contribute.
  • How to scale Thanos effectively and efficiently on production.
  • Common Thanos pitfalls.
  • How users size and deploy Thanos; what’s their benchmark results.
  • Innovative, pragmatic and powerful ways to integrate with Thanos.
  • Future of Thanos.

Registration Details

This event is one of our KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe CNCF-hosted Co-located Events. In-person attendees will now have the option to register for an All-Access In-Person KubeCon + CloudNativeCon pass that will include entry to ALL CNCF-hosted co-located events + KubeCon + CloudNativeCon.

Sponsor the Event

Contact sponsor@cncf.io to secure your sponsorship today! Signed contracts must be received by Wednesday, 17 January 2024!

Call For Proposals

Submit a proposal to speak! Submissions are being accepted through Sunday, 3 December 2023.

Click above to submit a proposal to speak at ThanosCon, or one of the other CNCF-hosted Co-located events.

ThanosCon topics include:

  • How you deploy, run, scale Thanos on production.
  • Benchmarks, resource usage and optimizations to your Thanos setup.
  • Thanos’ pitfalls you might have encountered.
  • Interesting Thanos cases e.g. cost-control, serverless, multi-region, auto-scaling setups.
  • Innovative integrations with Thanos e.g. operators, tailored collectors, proxies, storages.
  • Thanos contributor experience and tips.

Submission Types:

  • Presentation: 25 minutes with 1 or 2 speakers presenting on a topic
  • Panel Discussion: 35 minutes of discussion amongst 3 to 5 speakers
  • Lightning Talk: A brief 5 minutes presentation with a maximum of 1 speaker