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An aerial view of the city of Hong Kong

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a vibrant fusion of culture, commerce, and culinary delights. With its iconic skyline, dynamic energy, and diverse attractions, including historic temples, bustling markets, and lush greenery, Hong Kong captivates visitors at every turn. Renowned for its world-class shopping, exquisite dining, and efficient transportation, the city promises a seamless experience for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit + AI_dev attendees. 

Whether exploring the lively streets of Mong Kok, taking in panoramic views from Victoria Peak, or savoring dim sum in a traditional tea house, Hong Kong promises an unforgettable blend of excitement and sophistication.

Head to the Hong Kong Tourism Board website for more information.

Visit Victoria Peak

Visiting Victoria Peak in Hong Kong offers a breathtaking experience, with panoramic views of the city’s iconic skyline, Victoria Harbour, and lush greenery. Ascend to the peak via the historic Peak Tram or opt for a leisurely hike, and be rewarded with stunning vistas that capture the essence of this dynamic metropolis.

Go Shopping

Shopping in Hong Kong is a thrilling adventure, offering everything from luxury designer boutiques in towering malls to bustling street markets brimming with unique finds. From the upscale districts of Causeway Bay and Central to the vibrant night markets of Temple Street, Hong Kong’s diverse shopping scene promises endless delights for every taste and budget.

Sample Street Food

Eating street food in Hong Kong is a sensory journey through a world of flavors, from sizzling skewers of grilled meats to piping hot dumplings and fragrant noodle soups. Wander through Mong Kok’s street food stalls to sample culinary delights that capture the essence of Hong Kong’s food culture.


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